Conference Keynote Addresses

2018 — CSJO Conference Keynote by Jordi Shuster

2017 — CSJO Conference Keynote by Madeline Burns

2012 — CSJO Conference Keynote by Jessica Miron

2012 — Twenty-First Century Concerns CSJO Conference Keynote by Maxine Hermolin

2011 — CSJO Conference Keynote by Mark Neuman

2010 — “My Convictions” by Hershl Hartman

2010 — Jew-West Regional Conference 2010 by Sam Ruben

2006 — Progress? by Leah Bender Siemiarowski

2005 — Voices of the past, Visions of the future by Denora Knecht

2005 — Voices of the past, Visions of the future by Judy Seid

2005 — Voices of the past, Visions of the future by Jerry Bain

2004 — Honoring the People's Author by Building Communities by Sam Ruben

2004 — Naye tsaytn. Naye lider. Singing new songs for new times. by Gerry Kane

2003 — Creating & Sharing Jewish Outlooks by Jodi Goldfinger

2003 — Creating & Sharing Jewish Outlooks by Roberta Feinstein

2001 — Shaping Our Secular Jewishness by Jeffrey Kaye

1988 — CSJO Conference Keynote by Amy Meckler

1987 — CSJO Conference Keynote by Gerry Revzin

1981 — CSJO Conference Keynote by Jerald Bain

1980 — A Jewish Alternative To Alienation by Larry Bush

1980 — Yiddishkeit/Mentshlichkeit: What's so new about that? by Hershl Hartman

1974 — CSJO Conference Keynote by Gerry Kane

Miscellaneous Essays

2017 — Famous and Noteworthy American Jewish Women by Bennett Muraskin

2016 — The Czernowitz Conference and Its Actors by Marie Schumacher-Brunhes

2016 — Long-Lived Jewish Presence in Istanbul by Meri Badi

2015 — Shevues-Shevuot: The Festival of the First Fruits

2014 — The Life and Times of Sholem Aleichem by Bennett Muraskin

2013 — The Origins and Meaning of Ashkenazic Last Name by Bennett Muraskin

2013 — Jews in the American Labor Movement by Bennett Muraskin

2008 — Albert Einstein as a secular humanistic Jew by Bennett Muraskin

2008 — Spinoza: The First Secular Jew? by Bennett Muraskin

2008 — Torah and Modern Morality by Bennett Muraskin

2007 — Secular Jews and Pacifism by Bennett Muraskin (adapted from “Jewish Secularism” in Peace, Justice and Jews: Reclaiming Our Tradition (2007), edited by Murray Polner and Stefan Merken

2007 — A Funeral Story by Charles Baron

2006 — Looking Back on 9/11 This talk was given on Rosh Hashanah by leader Mark Weber.

2004 — Judaism, the Jewish Jesus, and the politics of Judea A workshop presented by Jeff Zolitor offering a look into the political and social settings, surrounding the life of Jesus from a Jewish perspective.

2004 — Why you should go to CSJO Written for the summer issue of L'Khaim by Lisa Rothman.

2004 — Jewish Is Not A poem written by Corinne Low

2001 — Hellenism and the Jews Presented at a workshop at the CSJO conference by Jeff Zolitor, and published by Canadian Jewish Outlook in its Sep/Oct 2001 issue.

2000 — The Khazars Presented at a workshop at the CSJO conference by Peter Wolfe and Jeff Zolitor, and published by Canadian Jewish Outlook in its Sep/Oct 2002 issue.

2000 — So You Want to be a Secular Humanist Jew Essayist Bennett Muraskin defines the progressive Secular Jewish Movement. Reprinted from Jewish Currents.

1998 — Fifty Years of the State of Israel Review of three works presented at the CSJO conference. Introduction by Larry Schofer.

1998 — Toward a True Alliance of Humanistic and Secular Jews Hershl Hartman, Educational Director of the Los Angeles Sholem Community Organization/School, offers a study of Secular Jewishness and Humanistic Judaism.

1986 — Jewish identity and survival: challenge for secular/humanistic Jews. By Jerald Bain

1975 — Secular Jewishness; what's Jewish about it? An excerpt from Sholom Aleichem Club News & Comment - By Max Rosenfeld

1965 — Zhitlovsky: Philosopher of Jewish Secularism from Jewish Currents - By Max Rosenfeld

Sacred Doctrine or Political Manifesto? Ancient Jewish Literature in Context - Jeff Zolitor

CSJO'S Role in Leading the Movement to Greater Recognition and Strength - Gerry Revzin

One-minute rap on who we are. By Judith Seid

Poland and the Memory of the Holocaust Reprinted from the Sholom Aleichem Club (Philadelphia) "News and Comment".

In Search of Sugihara by Hillel Levine A book review by Jane Schofer, Sholom Aleichem Club, Philadelphia. Reprinted from the Sholom Aleichem Club (Philadelphia) "News and Comment".

The Jews of Sepharad Jeff Zolitor offers an introduction to the history of the Jews in Spain. Reprinted from the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations (CSJO) newsletter.

Shevuos and the Giving of the Torah Max Rosenfeld (1913-1997), founder and for many years director of the Philadelphia Jewish Children's Folkshul, was an essayist, folklorist, poet and translator from the Yiddish. Here is his essay on Shevuos, reprinted from his last book Festivals, Folklore & Philosophy. A Secularist Revisits Jewish Traditions (Sholom Aleichem Club Press, 1997). For information on these books, contact the Sholom Aleichem ClubPress.