Sexual Orientation

Adopted on May 24, 1992, at the CSJO Business meeting in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Respect for liberty governed by just laws, and the promotion of civil rights for all members of society are fundamental tenets of the philosophy of Secular Humanistic Judaism. Inherent in that liberty and those civil rights is the freedom to live in accord with one's personal dictates and desires as long as these do not infringe on the liberties and civil rights of others. Sexual orientation, however determined, is a personal expression of one's own sexuality and a manifestation of one's own personhood and being. In a democratic society, where individual rights are paramount, no person should be deprived of dignity, self-respect and the freedom of individual self-expression on the basis of sexual orientation or any other basis within the rule of law.

It is in this spirit that the CSJO condemns discrimination against anyone because of his/her sexual orientation. To discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation contradicts the very premise upon which Secular Judaism is built.

We welcome into our ranks and into our leadership anyone whose aim it is to promote the well-being of the Secular Humanistic Jewish movement, regardless of that individual's gender or sexual orientation. In the same spirit, we call upon the entire Jewish community to open its doors and its leadership to all Jews.