Occupy Wall Street Movement

The Social Action Committee of the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations (CSJO) is a federation of North American organizations dedicated to the continuity of the Jewish people and to their culture. Because of our commitment to our traditional Jewish beliefs in humanism, compassion for all peoples, and social justice, we support the Occupy action currently underway in many North American cities and the tenets of the Occupy movement which have given rise to these actions.

We support the basic tenets of the occupy movement which includes stopping corporate greed which has led to the following problems:

  • the housing crisis
  • the loss of jobs through outsourcing overseas
  • anti-unionism
  • anti-environmentalism
  • the lack of universal health care
  • student debt
  • the unfair distribution of wealth
  • the inequitable tax system

and other related issues that impact our society.

We urge the North American "occupied" cities to accommodate the occupiers with compassion, dignity and non-violence. We stand in solidarity with the Occupy movement.