Gender Identity Statement

The Social Action Committee of the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations (CSJO), a federation of North American organizations and individual members dedicated to the continuity of the Jewish people and their culture, supports every person's right to embrace their gender identity or expression without fear of discrimination, harassment, or violence. As Jewish people, we must stand against oppression in all forms and for all marginalized groups, including transgender and non-binary people (non-binary in this instance means not identifying exclusively as either male or female). It is not enough to simply settle for "tolerance" of transgender and non-binary people. We must fight for their acceptance, dignity, and the rights that should be afforded to all people within our society.

At the same time, we also recognize that as allies, it is not our job to be the major voice of the fight. Whenever appropriate, we must vow to provide platforms and spaces for those with marginalized gender identities to speak for themselves, rather than attempting to speak for them. CSJO will continue to welcome people of all gender identities and expressions into our community.