New Year, New Acting Chair

By Sarah Waslow-Washington, Active Chair, CSJO

As I enter in to my third month as acting chair, I have taken the time to reflect. The November board meeting will be happening in two weeks and I am excited to see the ideas come to life that have been coming up over the past couple of months. We have recently been announced in a press release from the Secular Coalition for America as their newest member -- exciting! We also launched a CSJO Board Facebook profile. While it is slow to start, it is starting. It would be great to see it gain more friends and responses on our page. 

While this may not seem like a lot, for me, someone who has been a member of CSJO for 16 years, has been the vice chair for the past eight years and now is acting chair, this is progress. Seeing the changes, no matter how small, are monumental in my eyes. I look forward to more positive progression and change for our organization within the coming year.